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Chief Minister, Nongthombam Biren wins the Floor test with support of 32 MLAs; Yumnam Khemchand Singh elected the speaker

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Imphal, 21 March 2017 : Yumnam Khemchand Singh has been elected the speaker to the 11th Manipur Legislative Assembly. BJP won the floor test with the support of 32 MLAs excluding the speaker. The process of choosing a full fledged speaker began at 10:30 AM. Govindas Konthoujam from congress and Yumnam Khemchand Singh from BJP ran the race to the speaker's chair. Protem Speaker, V. Hangkhanlian directed the BJP to raise a motion for electing Khemchand as the speaker of the house. After the BJP raised their motion, the protem speaker asked the congress to raise the motion for electing Govindas as the speaker. 31 MLAs from the BJP raised a motion to elect Khemchand as the speaker while 25 MLAs from the congress raised a motion to elect Govindas. Later, the Protem Speaker, V. Hangkhanlian ordered for a voice vote. During the voice vote, Ayes were raised at Khemchand and later “ayes have it” was announced thrice by the protem speaker to elect Khemchand as the speaker of the house. Chief Minister, N. Biren and opposition leader Okram Ibobi escorted Khemchand to the speaker's chair. Speaker Khemchand thanked the members of the house for permitting him to be the speaker of the house. Chief Minister, Biren, opposition leader Okram Ibobi Singh and the MLAs welcomed the new speaker and expressed confidence that he will discharge his duties without any partiality. Before taking up further agendas, the speaker postponed the proceedings until 12:30 in the afternoon

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