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About Us

The Impact Cable TV Network is promoted by a group of individuals through The Impact Medianet & Communication (P) Ltd incorporated under Companies Act, Govt. of India with a vision to bring about a qualitative change in the local television programming and delivery of information services to the masses.

Imphal city with its two districts of Imphal West and East together has an estimated 1,50,000 homes with television (as per 2011 census there are 1.34 lakhs households with TV in Imphal West and Imphal East). With several homes possessing three to four TV sets the total number of TV population in these two districts may be estimated to anywhere between 2.5 -3 lakhs sets. Impact Cable TV Network with an acronym of IMPACT TV, aims to fill the void and bring forth a qualitative change in the dissemination of information in the society and provide the viewers with a quality signal and service at par with the global standards.

Our Flagship Channel, Impact TV News, takes you beyond the news headlines. It gives the people the power to raise their voices and engage them like never before. It picks up issues of contemporary relevance and from different works of life and dissects them to give the citizens a new perspective. For the first time in Imphal, we report international news extensively from around the world. The other three channels promote local Sports, Culture, Education, Music, Film industry and Entertainment programs widely.

’We believe that visual medium is a strong platform and it can coexist with the print media to serve the masses more effectively. We present a host of programs and eminent people whose opinion matters a lot in the social change and through them give a depth in the way we report events.

Impact Cable TV Network looks forward to spread its network not only to the entire population of Manipur but also to every nook and corner of the world through satellite channel. Further, to strengthen in achieving its goals, we have made strategic tie-ups locally and would be pursuing alliances with networks from outside the state of Manipur to give the people of Manipur a wider reach and exposure.

Over and above, we have got together a team of dedicated journalists and support group who has had stints in local, regional and national media houses. We aspire to make “news viewing” not just a necessity for gaining information but interesting as well as enriching. With the concerted effort of the team, we aim to have an “Impact” in the way we think and we act by providing a depth and perspective to news and issues.


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