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     >>>>>>>> Manipur joins Nationwide Martyrs' Day observance >>>>>     >>>>>>> Chief Minister N. Biren terms dispute over National Sports University site unreasonable; appeals to end agitation >>>>>     >>>>>>>>>New Impact Bouquet available from September 2020 >>>>>     >>>>>>> mphal College Students condemn unregulated transport fare; students demand Government to fix fares of Private Passenger Vehicles for students >>>>>>     >>>>>>>> India logs single day spike of 13 Thousand 83 new COVID-19 cases taking country's tally above One crore 7 Lakh 33 Thousand; recovery rate nears 97 per cent >>>>>>     >>>>>>>>> Traffic congestion was witnessed in Imphal City today as Traffic Control Police restricted some routes to ensure smooth observance of “Martyrs Day” 2021 >>>>>>>


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Imphal, 28 February 2017 ( Evening News ) : All India Congress Committee’s Vice President Rahul Gandhi accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of being involved in Corruption even though he declared to end corruption in Manipur, today. He further asserted even after more than 2 and a half years old ruling Centre’s BJP Government has not taken up any developmental works in Manipur so far. Rahul Gandhi said, instead of any developmental works, the Prime Minster is only doing his share of spreading disharmonies  amongst various communities in the state during his visit. In his 27 mins speech at a public meeting in connection with the 11th Manipur Assembly Election organised by Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee at Hatta Kangjeibung, Rahul Gandhi alleged the BJP led government at the Center for not taking up any developmental works for Manipur. He raised the question as to what happened to the Jiribam road which was supposed to be constructed in 100 days and also demanded a proper reason for failure to construct the proposed Sports University in Manipur. He further questioned the BJP for not consulting the Chief Minister of Manipur and people of this state while signing the Naga’s Accord with NSCN-IM. Rahul Gandhi asserted with regards to signing of NSCN-IM and India Govt’s Framework Agreement, none of the Centre’s cabinet ministers were aware of it but it was only the Prime Minister who knew it. He accused  Modi of blaming the Chief Minister of Manipur on his visit for corruption while he couldn’t provide any documents to prove it as evidence for his accusations. On the other hand, Rahul Gandhi produced a document of Income Tax Department’s raids  in Sahara and Birla Group as evidence to the public which shows that Prime Minister Narendra Modi received crores of rupees from the two companies: Sahara and Birla Group. Rahul gandhi asked Narendra Modi’s Government reasons for not conducting further investigations regarding the raids. The political meeting was attended by Chief Minister Okram ibobi, Deputy Chief Gaikhangam, MPCC President TN Haokip, Congress Government’s Cabinet Ministesr, MLAs and Congress candidates and a huge mass of public

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