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Escorts of Phungzathang Tonsing fire at bandh supporters near Tiddim ground, people force them to apologise

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Imphal, 17 December 2016 ( Evening News ) : Tension prevailed on Tiddim road near Tiddim Ground after escorts of MLA, Phungzathang Tonsing opened fire at bandh supporters this morning. Sources from the spot said when the bandh supporters were blocking the road, escorts of the MLA came out in a Maruti Gypsy. When the bandh supporters asked them to turn back, they went back about 30 metres. After the vehicle stopped, 2 escorts got down from the vehicle and fired about 10 rounds indiscriminately. The furious protestors chased them , but both of them managed to get into the house of the MLA. However the PRO who was in the gypsy was caught by the crowd. The people warned that they will not release the PRO until the two personnel apologised to them. Later a team of Singjamei police personnel arrived at the spot and produced the two security personnel. The duo apologised to the people with folded hands. They were later taken to Singjamei police station.

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