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Movement for inclusion of Meitei/Meetei in the schedule tribe list is legitimate : Sapam Bheigya

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Imphal, 04 February 2018 ( Evening News ) : Former Superintendent of Manipur State Archaeology Department, Sapam Bheigya asserted that the movement for  inclusion of Meitei/Meetei in the schedule tribe list is legitimate. He was addressing a meeting with the representatives of Schedule Tribe Demand Committee at his residence in Tera Sayang Pukhri Mapal today. Bheigya maintained that the territorial integrity and losing identity of the community can be safeguarded if the Meitei/Meetei are enlisted in the schedule tribe list. He said that people of Meitei/Meetei community of the state must support the movement initiated by the Schedule Tribe Demand Committee. He further maintained that the people the hills and valley who co-existed in the state since time immemorial have been wrongly propagated that Arjun of the epic Mahabharata is the ancestor of the Meitei/Meetei. He said for more proactive movement of Schedule Tribe Demand Committee, civil society organisations of both the hills and the valley must join hands and come to an understanding with the 60 MLAs to solve the issue. Joint Secretary of the Commitee K.Bhogendrajit, Publicity Secretary Th.Gopinath, Convenor of Co-ordinating Committee Schedule Tribe Demand Committee ,Mutum Churamani attended the meeting.

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