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Students injured as police baton-charge AMSU protestors demanding release of MOBC scholarship

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Imphal, 19 September 2017 ( Evening News ) : Several student protestors led by All Manipur Students Union (AMSU) who stormed the MOBC office near DM College demanding release of MOBC scholarships were injured as police baton-charged the protestors today. As part of its ongoing demands for the release of scholarships, AMSU volunteers took out the protest rally from the AMSU office on DM College campus to MOBC office. When the protestors reached the MOBC office, the gates were closed. Agitated students broke open the security check-room and entered the office compound. A team of police arrived at the spot and halted the students in front of the iron shutter of the office. The protestors demanded a dialogue with the director on scholarships. Additional police personnel were called in when the situation became out of control. Later when the students were about to leave after the locking the office, heated words were exchanged between them and the police. Police fired mock bombs to contain the situation. They also resorted to baton charge to disperse the protestors. When students pelted stones at the police personnel, they were chased back inside the DM College campus.

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