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Jitendra ( Admin)

Jitendra ( Admin)

Imphal, 20 May 2018 ( Evening News ) : Clashes broke out between protestors and Police personnel in several places on the second and last day of the 36 hour State-wide General Strike called by JAC Against Unnatural Shifting of District Hospital, Imphal East Sagolmang today. A person was injured as Police fired tear gas shell to disperse the protestors and two women protestors have been picked up the Police. The injured person is identified as Moirangthem Naothi, 35 years from Keibi Yaibilen. Naothi sustained injury on his thigh as the police fired tear gas shell. The identity of the 2 women protestors has not yet been ascertained. Large number of people blocked roads in several places by taking out wood locks and burning tyres. The 2- day General Strike affected normal life in several parts of Khundrakpam and Khurai Constituency. Supporters of the General Strike blocked roads at, Sagolmang Bazaar, Keibi Taret Village, Heikakmapan , Imphal-Saikul road and Imphal-Ukhrul Road. Lamlong Bazaar wore a deserted look and all the business establishments remained closed. On the other hand, Speaking to media persons, Convenor of the JAC, Loushigan Thoiba said the Government remains indifferent to their demand , however it tries to resolve the issues raised by other organisations. He also appealed to the people of Khurai and Saikul Constituency to jointly fight until their demand is met. Thoiba also demanded to release the 2 women protestors from Khurai Constituency without any condition. The General Strike will end at 5 this evening.

Imphal, 19 May 2018 ( Evening News ) : The 36-hour General Strike called on by the JAC Against Unnatural Shifting of District Hospital, Imphal East Sagolmang has affected normal lives in the state. As part of the strike, Khurai and Khundrakpam Constituencies wore a deserted look. Supporters of the bandh took to the streets and blocked the roads with piled-up logs and burned tyres. Business halted at Lamlong Bazaar and Khurai. Bandh-supporters also blocked the connecting road between Imphal and Ukhrul at Lamlong Bazar. Protestors also blocked roads in different areas of Khundrakpam constituency particularly, Purabi, Keibi Heikak Makhong, Taret Khun, Sagolmang Bazar, Yumnam Khunou, Sambei and Khundrakpam Mayai Leikai. Vigilant security personnel including Riot Control Vehicles are posted in Khundrakpam constituency to monitor any untoward incident resulting from the strike. The General Strike however failed to affect Imphal City, especially Khwairamband market where normal business transactions are being carried out as usual. It may be mentioned that the 36-hour Strike was called by the JAC in retaliation against the Government's decision to shift the construction site of Imphal East District Hospital from Sagolmang to Kyamgei. Kuki Inpi Sagolmang has also declared to support the JAC in this regard. The General Strike will continue till 5PM of May 20.

Imphal, 18 May 2018 ( Evening News ) : Eight Congress MLAs led by party leaders, former Chief Minister, Okram Ibobi and Deputy Chief Minister, Gaikhangam met Governor-In-Charge of Manipur, Prof. Jagdish Mukhi to stake claim formation of Congress Government in the state today. The meeting was called by the Congress leaders at the wake of swear-in invite by Karnataka Governor to the single Largest party, BJP to form the government in Karnataka. The Congress leaders claimed that the party was the single largest party in Manipur, attaining 28 seats during the 11th Manipur Legislative Assembly last year and so it should have been invited to form the government just like in Karnataka. During the half an hour meeting with the Governor-In-charge, the Congress leaders demanded dismissal of the present BJP government in the state and to give privilege to the congress to form the government. Speaking to media persons after the meeting, Former Chief Minister, Okram Ibobi said that the Governor-In-Charge has been intimated all about the situation that when the Congress with 28 seats missing just 3 seats to attain an absolute majority was rejected , the BJP with merely 21 seats was given the swear-in invite to form the government by the Governor of Manipur. Ibobi lamented that Congress would be ruling the state, if the Governor had then given at least 24 hours or a week to prove the majority. The former Chief Minister further questioned why the congress was not invited to form government in Manipur , when the single largest majority, BJP was given the privilege in Karnataka. Okram Ibobi hoped that the Governor-In-Charge would bring justice to the current Political Crisis in the state.

Imphal, 17 May 2018 ( Evening News ) : Socialist Students union of Manipur and Proletarian Feminist movement Manipur demanded BJP Manipur Pradesh to oust the party's Vice President, M. Ashinikumar from the Party alleging that he is protecting one of the accused involved in Thanga Gang Rape case. The Organisations also demanded to expel an alleged rapist, BJP MLA Sekmai, Heikham Dingo from the party. Speaking to media persons at a press meet with the representatives of SSUM and POFM, at SSUM’s office in Keishampat, Convenor of SSUM, Norem Tanoranjan intimated that the organisations visited the Victim’s residence to investigate on Thanga Rape case. He said investigation on the absconding accused out of the 5 rape accused, it was found that the absconding accused is a relative of Vice President, BJP Manipur Pradesh, M. Ashinikumar. Tanoranjan disclosed that Ashinikumar threatened the Police not to arrest the absconding accused. He said the absconding accused is Heisnam Abungo, 26 years, from Thanga Salam Leikai. It may be mentioned that Abungo along with 4 others abducted a minor girl reading in class 9 on Feb 13 on a van and sexually assaulted her. Representatives of SSUM and POFM also stated that unknown individuals threatened the victim’s family on April 25. They also intimated that the girl along with her family members were threatened by showing a gun not to divulge the truth while they were at the Court for the case hearing on April 26. On the other hand, Tanoranjan stated that SSUM will convene an All Political Party on May 20 to discuss on crime against women. He warned of intense agitation if the Government does not produce the absconding culprit by May 20.

Imphal, 15 May 2018 ( Evening News ) : Chief Minister Biren led BJP Government's ambitious 'Go-to Village mission has reached Hiyangthang Govindagram Village in Wangoi Constituency today. The 'Go-to Village mission camp was held at Ibudhou Puthiba Nongshaba Khullem Panthoibi Haraobung of Hiyangthang Govindagram Village. Chief Minister Biren, CAF &PD Minister Karam Shyam and MLA Wangoi, O. Lukhoi attended the camp. Altogether 25 stalls were opened by various state Government departments at the Camp to facilitate various welfare schemes to the villagers.

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