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Jitendra ( Admin)

Jitendra ( Admin)

Imphal, 06 July 2018 ( Evening News ) : Health Minister L. Jayantakumar has assured that the vision of flying doctors and air ambulance in the state will soon be a reality by this year. The health minister made the statement during his visit in Ukhrul District for inaugurating the newly constructed Primary Health Sub Centre of Ngainga Village and also to lay the foundation stone for the construction of a Community Health Centre of Somdal Village.  Minister Jayantakumar asserted that the air ambulance service will be able to bridge the gap between doctors and people in the hilly and remote areas. He maintained that the Health Department aims to utilise helicopter facility to bring super specialist doctors in remote areas and provide medical treatment and even conduct medical operations. Minister Jayentakumar gave the assurance to put in best efforts to fill up any lags in the health sector of Ukhrul District by providing all the necessary medical infrastructure in consultation with the Chief Medical Officer and Medical Superintendent of the district. The Health Minister further assured that the Government is putting all out efforts to make available adequate Primary health Centres, Primary Health Sub-Centres and Community Health Centres in the district.

Speaking exclusively to media persons, CMO of Ukhrul District, Dr. A.S Kapangring lamented that majority of the PHC and PHSC in Ukhrul District are non functional. He expressed that inconveniences are being faced by the people due to the incomplete infrastructure of Primary Health Centres and Primary Health Sub-Centres entrusted by the Government. Speaking further, he also highlighted that lack of proper roadways serve hindrance in providing necessary health care facility to people in the interior villages of the District. He stressed the need to maintain proper roadways as well as ambulance service to facilitate health care opportunities. The CMO urged to the relevant authorities to do the needful.

Imphal, 06 July 2018 ( Evening News ) : All India Students’ Federation (AISF), Manipur State Council held a discussion meet at Manipur Press Club today in relation to the ongoing upheavals at Manipur University. Presiding the discussion meet, Retired Professor, Naorem Joykumar called on to settle the burning issue of Manipur University without further delay. He asserted, there must be a strong reason to justify the strong allegations made against Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Adya Prasad Pandey by the students, teachers and other student organisations and urged to the VC to comply to their demands. He maintained that Manipur University plays a significant role in moulding the future of the state and that perpetual chaos in the university will lead to complete decimation of the society. Expressing discontentment at the lack of response from the State and the Central Government on the matter, the retired professor reiterated that silence will not solve the prevailing issue. Academicians, students and representatives of various organisations of the state took part in the discussion meet and expressed their opinion. They asserted that the prolonged issue at the University is affecting the students' career lives and hence urged to the Government and relevant authorities to oust the VC from his post and resolve the crisis at the earliest.

Imphal, 03 July 2018 ( Evening News ) : The Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee delegates today met with the President of India, Ram Nath Kovind and submitted a memorandum on the prevailing issues of Manipur. Treasurer of MPCC and MLA Sugnu, K. Ranjit intimated Impact news over a telephonic conversation that the 13 member Congress delegates including MP Dr T Meina, MP Thangso Baitey and former Deputy Chief minister Gaikhangam met with the President at Rashtrapati Bhavan around 11 this morning. The Congress delegates submitted a memorandum on various issues of the state including Border Pillar issue, Indo-Naga framework agreement, Citizenship Amendment Bill-2016, and prevailing crises in Manipur university to the President of the Country. The Congress team intimated the President in-depth on the prevailing upheavals at Manipur University where normal academic atmosphere has been badly affected, deans and Head of Departments have resigned, classes are on halt etc.  President after listening attentively to their grievances responded that career lives of the students should not be affected and assured of efforts to resolve the University impasse at the earliest.

Imphal, 01 July 2018 ( Evening News ) : MPCC has alleged that the Statement of Union Home Minister of State, Kiran Rijiju implied that the Central Government has given its consent on giving some land of Manipur to Myanmar. Spokesperson of MPCC, Kh. Joykishan maintained that even though the BJP led Government compromises the land to please Myanmar, the Congress party will not remain a mute spectator but will launch protest along with the people of the state. Speaking to media persons at Congress Bhavan today, Joykishan stated that the statement of the Union Minister that there is no land controversy between India and Myanmar implies that the Government has given its consent on the installation of the border pillar crossing the boundary of Manipur. He termed it unfortunate that despite complaints made by CSOs, Political Parties and People regarding the encroachment of land at Kwatha Khunou by Myanmar, both the Central and the State Government remain indifferent. Joykishan demanded the State Govt to clarify on the matter at the earliest.

On the other hand, Joykishan alleged that the National President of BJP visited Manipur not in the interest of the state or the people but merely to seek economic opportunities and campaign for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.  He lamented that the National President of BJP failed to give any suggestions or solutions regarding various issues prevalent in the state including Manipur University crisis and Citizenship Amendment Bill.

Imphal, 25 June 2018 ( Evening News ) : MPCC delegates led by Former Chief Minister, Okram Ibobi left Imphal this morning  to meet Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and other relevant authorities at the Centre to address the grievances of the people of Manipur on various issues especially the Indo-Naga Framework Agreement, crises at Manipur University and the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016. Addressing media persons before their departure at Imphal International Airport, CLP Leader, Okram Ibobi stated that the delegates will meet Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and intimate on various sensitive Issues and especially to question the Prime Minister on the statement in connection with Framework Agreement made by Interlocutor, R.N Ravi with regards to formation of Autonomous Territorial Council on a National Daily, Indian Express. He also said, the Chairman of Joint Parliamentary Committee will be urged not to pass the Citizen Amendment Bill 2016 which is likely to be submitted by the end of this month, if it is going to harm the state. Regarding the Manipur University impasse, Ibobi mentioned that a report was earlier submitted by the Party's High Level Committee to the relevant authority at the Centre. He said, the MPCC Delegates will meet with the Union Human Resource Minister and urge to probe the prevailing issue in the University and try to resolve it as soon as possible to bring normalcy in the Academic Atmosphere. Okram Ibobi further mentioned that if there is no option left to resolve the issues, the MPCC Delegates will urge for appointment of a new Vice- Chancellor in Manipur University.

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