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Jitendra ( Admin)

Imphal, 04 Sep 2018 (Evening News ): Vice Chancellor of Manipur University, Professor AP Pandey has rejected leave given to him. The VC, for the first time declared in front of media persons that his one-month forced leave has completed and that he has resumed charge as the VC with effect from September 1. Speaking to media persons at his Quarter in Sanjenthong today, VC Pandey asserted that leave granted to him by the Registrar-in-charge of Manipur University, Professor Sh Dorendrajit yesterday was illegal and unjustified. Professor Pandey said that he has not received any official intimation regarding the leave from the Ministry concerned. He maintained that an official subordinate to him does not have the right to grant him a leave. He also disclosed that no official notifications were issued to him regarding formation of a 2-member enquiry committee as per the agreement signed between the Manipur University Community, MHRD and the State government. Professor Pandey said, he came to know about the enquiry committee on social media and further alleged that the enquiry committee is not an independent body and termed all it's resolution as partial and biased. VC AP Pandey intimated that one of the members of the committee has family ties with a member of  MUTA. The Vice Chancellor professed his earnest desires to resolve the University impasse and bring normalcy in the academic atmosphere to save the career life of students. He alleged that some senior professors of the University have been misleading the students. He offered his utmost assistance if a High Level Enquiry Committee or an Independent body like CBI are to investigate the workings of the University since 2005. Professor Pandey assured that his doors are wide open to address any grievances facing the students. The Vice Chancellor further intimated that although he inspects the University Campus he is unable to resume work as his office has been locked up by some agitators. He also said, a written letter was submitted to the Ministry of HRD to aware the departments regarding his resumption as the VC of Manipur University.

Speaking in connection with ban imposed on Varsity employee bodies namely MUTA and MUSA, Professor AP Pandey opined that the roles of teachers are to educate and guide their students along better path and to promote good academic atmosphere. He lamented that teachers of Manipur University are misleading the students and have defiled the sanctity of educational institutes. He accused them of instigating the students to resort to various forms of agitations. He questioned the motive of locking up examination rooms as locking his office is understandable. Professor Pandey also alleged that teachers of the Varsity threatened principals and teachers of colleges for checking answer scripts. He also accused MUTA and MUSA for terrorising the University. VC Pandey also stated that he has not received any complaint from the university student and asserted that all the chaos in the University Campus were instigated by the senior professors.

Imphal, 20 Aug 2018 ( Evening News ) : In a horrifying incident, plastic-like material was found in eggs yesterday. The incident was reported to Impact News by Ningombam Milan, an eatery owner at Morang Leirak Jiri Parking. Milan stated that the incident came to light when customers raised the issue after consuming fried boiled eggs from his eatery at around 9.30 last night. The eggs were bought from an egg shop located near Kasturi bridge in Thangal Bazaar. Suspected plastic like thin substance covered the outer edge of the egg. The suspected substance did not tear when tried with a spoon. However, all the eggs on the tray did not possess similar texture or features raising suspicions as to whether the substance actually plastic or not. The eatery owner also maintained that such incident has never occured in the past. He further appealed to the Food Safety Department and relevant Government authorities to look into the matter and identify whether the plastic-look-alike substance is harzardous for health upon consumption or not

Imphal, 20 July 2018 ( Evening News ) : Special Secretary Home, Kh. Raghumani, in a press release declared that under Rule 2 of Temporary Suspension of telecom Services (Public Emergency or Public Safety) Rules 2017, all telecom services except voice calls are temporarily suspended for the next five days to prevent anti national and anti-social messages on social media. Stating that social media has become a handy tool for rumour mongers and is being used to incite general public, Kh. Raghumani said it is deemed necessary to take adequate measures and maintain law and order in public interest by stopping the spread of disinformation and false rumours through various social media platforms such as Whatsapp, Facebook and others. The press release also stated all mobile service providers have been directed to ensure cooperation with the order. However, Broadband Internet service will be back in service shortly as it was not included in the ban. On the other hand, BSNL Manipur stated that BSNL Broadband Internet connection is still operational as broad ban services are not included in the suspension.

Imphal, 20 July 2018 ( Evening News ) : Members of Opposition Party walked out of the house on the first day of the two day long 11th Manipur Legislative Assembly session today in allegation that the assembly session is a session against the interest of the public. Three much awaited different bills were introduced in the first day of the monsoon session today. Chief Minister, Nongthom Biren introduced the “The Manipur People’s protection Bill 2018 (Bill number 10 of 2018). Excise Minister,Y Joykumar introduced the Manipur Liquor Prohibition 2nd Amendment Bill, 2018 and Education Minister, Th Radheshyam introduced the Manipur International University Bill 2018. Speaker Y. Khemchand asked for “The Manipur People’s protection Bill 2018 to be reintroduced in the assembly session on July 23 after introspection by the Hill Area Committee.The monsoon session began with obituary reference by Speaker Y. Khemchand to late Chief Minister, ministers and those killed in the recent Tamenglong landslide. Right after the obituary reference, Chief Minister, Nongthombam Biren highlighted the major issues of the state and asserted that the 15 month old BJP governance tried its best not to create any upheavals in the state. Biren told the house that  his government takes the University impasse with much volume and it is trying its best to bring normalcy in the academic atmosphere to save the students’ career . He also said that teachers’ association of Manipur University submitted a memorandum demanding an independent enquiry against the VC on May 18 this year. Biren said, acting upon the request and following a resolution by the state cabinet, the state government approached the Centre and has appointed a former Acting Chief Justice of  Meghalaya High Court as the Chairman of the fact finding committee to probe the case. He also intimated that the VC will be sent on leave before the investigation proceeds. Regarding the Border Issue, Chief Minister Biren told the house that his Government will not even cede even an inch of land to another state or another country at any cost. After the presentation by Chief Minister Biren, MLA. Khumukcham Joykishan told the house that the duration of the assembly session is too short and the sitting duration is not enough to discuss all the major issues prevailing in the state. He urged the Speaker to raise the concern to the Business Advisory Committee to extend the sitting duration. The Speaker responded that if any discussions are not covered on July 23, the sitting duration may be extended. Opposition MLAs urged for the sitting duration to be extended and left the house in discontentment led by Opposition leader Okram Ibobi. Former Deputy Chief Minister, Gaikhangam raised from his seat and rebuked the house for not permitting to extend the session which he opined was necessary to discuss various prevailing issues of the state and left the house in discontentment.

Imphal, 19 July 2018 ( Evening News ) : The Sub-Inspector of Manipur Police and the Constable whose inhumane conducts toward the student protestors injured many students including the General secretary of DESAM who was saved by a fluke from dying, have been suspended. Chief Minister Nongthomam Biren has also announced to bear all the medical expenses for the treatment of the General Secretary of DESAM, Shital Oinam whose left arm was critically injured during a recent students' protest. It maybe recalled that the students protestors led by DESAM stormed Chief Minister's Bungalow chanting slogans in demand for the ousting of the Vice Chancellor of Manipur University. Police personnel drove the protestors away. The protestors then marched toward BJP office at Nityaipat Chuthek. Intense scuffles ensued between the protesting students and police personnel who were trying to contain the situation near Keishampat. As the confrontation reached the mercury, police resorted to lathi charge and even pushed the students on the road in their efforts to drive them away. General Secretary of DESAM, Shital Oinam was one of victims in the scuffles during the agitation. He was suddenly pushed by one police personnel and as he stumbled on the road, a tanker ran over his left shoulder, leaving his left arm critically injured. He was immediately taken to Raj Medicity and is still undergoing treatment in the hospital. Chief Minister Biren visited the injured students undergoing treatment in Raj medicity today where he announced same. Biren maintained that the state cabinet had convened a meeting and held in-depth discussion on the resolute demand of MUSA, MUTA and MUSU for ousting the VC of Manipur University. He said the state government is earnestly pressuring the Centre to consider the same. The Chief Minister asserted that punishments cannot be awarded to anyone without proving one as guilty and hence an enquiry committee has been set up to probe the allegations against the VC. He assured that if found guilty, the VC will be ousted from his post. Biren also intimated that a meeting was held with the Governor of Manipur regarding the prevailing upheavals in the state. He added, the Governor had already intimated the President of the country on the prevailing issues of the state. Chief Minister maintained since Manipur University is a Central University, the state government has   limitations to intervene the University impasse on its own to bring normalcy in the academic atmosphere without getting the final report of the enquiring committee. Biren assured that his government is urging the Central government to bring resolution to the current crises. Chief Minister Biren said, even though the state government is still awaiting the enquiry committee's report to take befitted measures against the guilty, the Government has issued an order to suspend the Manipur police personnel who meted out inhumane conducts toward the students protestors after closely examining the video footages of the incidents.

On the other hand, President of DESAM, Aakash Salam has asserted that the students will not be contented until the Government issues an official notification on suspension of the 2 police personnel who treated the students protestors as enemies with their inhumane conduct. Speaking to media persons at Raj Medicity, Aakash maintained that the students will not back off until the demand of MUSU, MUTA and MUSA is met but will rather intensify the agitation. He said the State Government cannot run from the issue despite the University being a Central Varsity as the matter has aggravated. Akash appealed to the Officials of the State Government to pressurise the Centre as BJP is in Power in both the State and the Centre. He highlighted that the Education Minister is currently out of station when the situation concerning the students in the state is in dire need of attention and expressed disappointment that no comments can further be made. Deputy Chief Minister, Y. Joykumar, Minister Karam Shyam, V. Hankhalian, Th. Shyamkumar, Khaiyisii and Letpao Haokip accompanied the Chief Minister in the visit.

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