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Joyshree Usham

Joyshree Usham

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Bad road, lack of suitable vehicles & adequate man-power are some major stumbling blocks for the success of Covid-19 Vaccination drive in Kamjong District; Covid Vaccination is still a distant dream for villagers under Sahamphung Sub-Division 
Among the hill districts of Manipur, Kamjong district is one of the most deprived districts in many aspects. Apart from lack of adequate Police personnel to check Law & Order situation, Doctors, Nurses and Health Care Workers, Kamjong District is not even equipped with necessary district admin vehicles for public welfare usage. Such inadequacies retard the progress of the district and especially hinder covid vaccination drive amid the Coronavirus pandemic. Facing various inconveniences, relevant authorities are making their best efforts to reach out covid vaccine to the residents of these far flung areas. 
Manipur government created Kamjong district which consists of 4 sub-divisions out of Ukhrul district on December 8, 2016. The district, sized around 2 thousand square kilometre is of hilly terrain with no proper roads till date to connect its inhabitants. Lack of proper infrastructure like health care centres, man power and good road has been even more challenging especially in these tough times of coronavirus pandemic, when the government is making due efforts to vaccinate all the eligible beneficiaries in the state.
There are around 36 Thousand eligible beneficiaries above the age of 18 in this fairly sized district of about 140 villages spread across four sub-divisions of Kamjong Sub-Division, Kasom Sub-Division, Phungyar Sub-Division and Sahamphung Sub-Division. District Administration Kamjong under the initiative of Phungyar MLA K.Leishiyo has been making earnest efforts for days on in reaching out Covid-19 vaccination drive in villages under Kasom, Phungyar and Kamjong Sub-Divisions. However, they are still unable to reach out vaccination drive to residents of villages under Sahamphung Sub-Division till date due to the obvious lack of electricity and pathetic road condition.
Challenging the pathetic road, lack of proper health centers, adequate vehicles and man power in the district, Phungyar MLA K Leishiyo is making relentless efforts along with Kamjong District DC and doctors, day and night to reach out Covid-19 vaccination drive to the residents of these remote villages in his constituency. But misconceptions about the vaccine have taken control over the ignorant villagers' minds and many are still unwilling to get vaccinated. One of the journeys included a visit to Chahong village, located 135 kilometres away from the Imphal City. Though, health officials administered Covid-19 Vaccine to many beneficiaries in Chahong Khullen, only 4 people of Chahong Chingthak were willing to get the vaccine shots even after more than an hour of raising awareness on the benefits of Covid-19 vaccination. While, none from the neighbouring villages of Phalung and K. Langli came out to get vaccinated. On the positive note, some villagers of Maku were willing to get vaccine shots after an awareness program was held for them.
It is a known fact that bad road connectivity in the remote areas of the state is a stumbling block in carrying out successful Covid-19 vaccination drive for the remote dwellers. Government should provide adequate man-power and suitable vehicles to drive through the rough terrains to reach out COVID-19 vaccine to the villagers. It is equally important for the relevant authorities and health officials including doctors to raise effective awareness to clear away any myths or doubts about the vaccine itself and encourage people to get inoculated against COVID-19 .
Saturday, 24 July 2021 15:02


NPF Manipur Unit all set to field candidates in 12 Hill Assembly Constituencies; NPF-BJP alliance time will tell, says MLA K.Leishiyo

Naga People’s Front (NPF) Manipur Unit is all set to field its candidates in 12 Hill Assembly Constituencies for the upcoming 12th Manipur Legislative Assembly Elections, 2022. Treasurer of NPF Manipur Unit and Phungyar MLA Leishiyo Keishing, who is also the Chairman of Hills Area Committee disclosed the same in an exclusive interview with Impact News today.

Phungyar MLA Leishiyo, however didn't divulge anything on whether NPF Manipur Unit and BJP will form any Pre-Poll or Post-poll alliance or not. He brushed aside the topic by stating that leaders of the two parties will discuss on it when time comes. Meanwhile, the MLA asserted that the party will leave no stone unturned to win as many seats possible in the upcoming election. He expressed hopes that NPF will win at least 10 seats.

It is worth mentioning that 4 candidates who had won the 11th State Assembly Elections of 2017"on NPF Tickets are still supporting the BJP led Coalition State government. On the other hand, as with every elections, there are chances of MLAs switching their political parties and the same holds true for MLAs of the hill assembly constituencies.

Meanwhile, the NPF leader also stressed on the need for every eligible beneficiaries to get inoculated against Covid-19 to curb further spread of coronavirus in the State. He has taken a major role in raising awareness about the benefits of getting COVID-19 vaccine shots and in ramping up vaccination drive in the remote areas of his constituency.

Friday, 23 July 2021 12:26


The second wave of coronavirus  pandemic is breaking families, destroying lives. Horrifying story of aged Covid patient being abandoned by family has surfaced in Manipur, a land known for its hospitality and warmth.

More than a month ago, an octogenarian woman from Hiyanglam Assembly Constituency in Kakching District was reportedly disowned by her family after contracting COVID-19. This horrifying incident came to light recently. Family allegedly disowned 87-Year-Old Wahengbam Shakhi due to fear of contracting the disease. Staff of District Health Society, Kakching on June 16 admitted Shakhi at the Isolation Ward cum Covid Care Centre opened at Kakching Higher Secondary School and has been looking after her. 

Dr. Moirangthem Arun, Medical in-Charge of Kakching Covid Care Centre has said that staff of the Centre picked up Shakhi from here residence near Pole Star College in Kakching District and they have been looking after her since then. The doctor has said that she (Shakhi) came with very low saturation of oxygen and was kept on ventilator. Shakhi was in a debilitating condition and she couldn't walk or even eat food herself. Dr Arun has said that the isolation ward staff nurtured her back to health. They washed her, fed her and carried her fragile body whenever she had to be moved around and looked after her with the true spirit of a corona warrior. Salutes to such and many other unsung corona warriors!

Shakhi who has seen her better days in life but abandoned by her own family during her winding days is now said to be stable. However, no one from her family has approached the authorities yet as of filing this report. Is the family oblivious, ashamed or still leaving in the dark abyss of ignorance, selfishness and heartlessness? Fear is not the solution to this deadly pandemic but knowledge is. Let's show some humanity, cares and embrace the "New Normal".

All India Congress Committee, AICC Manipur In-charge Bhakta Charan Das has demanded white paper and judicial inquiry involving the Supreme Court of India into the recent issues of targets by clients of the NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware. Speaking to media at Congress Bhavan in Imphal today, he criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi led BJP Government of taking no action against the Pegasus scandal even when the personnel information of every Indians are at stake. Stating that the spyware can hack into one's smartphones without the owner's knowledge and can even secretly record onsite audios and videos, Bhakta Charan Das said that the government's indifference is violation of freedom of speech and expression of each and every citizen in the country and asked the credibility of government's "digital India" vision.

It maybe mentioned that "The Wire" in collaboration with 16 other media organisations including "The Guardian" and "The Washington Post"– has been revealing the names of people who were either persons of interest or forensically identified as having been targeted by clients of the NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware. Two serving union ministers, three opposition leaders including Rahul Gandhi, one constitutional authority, current and former heads of security organisations, administrators, and 40 senior Indian journalists and activists' phones including one from Manipur have been allegedly bugged and put under surveillance using Israeli spy software called Pegasus. The Israeli company which has developed the advanced spyware said, it has only sold information to “vetted governments” to counter terrorism and other major crimes. Both the software's owner and the Indian government have both categorically denied the allegations but the political fallout of the scandal has been escalating.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday claimed that the snooping on Supreme Court judges, journalists and political leaders among others using the Pegasus spyware, news of which broke earlier this week, was 'worse than the Watergate scandal' which broke in the US during the Nixon presidency. The Lok Sabha proceedings were repeatedly adjourned on Thursday amid sloganeering by Opposition members over various issues, including Pegasus scandal and the three recent farm laws. In the Rajya Sabha, Electronics and Information Technology Minister, Ashwini Vaishnaw, was forced to cut short his statement on Pegasus snooping controversy amid uproar by the opposition members.

Thursday, 22 July 2021 15:59


Fate of Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee, MPCC is still undecided. Following the resignation of Bishnupur MLA Govindas Konthoujam from the post of MPCC President, the party is still devoid of a president to lead it's members for the upcoming Manipur Legislative Assembly elections hanging in the early part of next year. On the other hand, Bharatiya Janata Party Manipur Pradesh with its new woman president Adhikarimayum Sharda is all geared up for the victory in the election. However, it is still early to decide whose card would turn out to be the winning card until the last moment.

12 Congress MLAs attended yesterday's Congress Legislature Party Meeting held at Classic Grande in Chingmeirong as soon as Indian National Congress Manipur In- Charge Bhakta Charan Das airdashed yesterday morning. He was recieved by Congress MLA K Meghachandra and other leaders.  Bhakta Charan Das made his entry prompt to consolidate congress party in the state soon after K. Govindas tendered his resignation. Nothing much about the meeting was divulged except that the Congress party will hold a press conference today to disclose its stance.

Accordingly, MPCC held the press meet at Imphal Congress Bhavan, BT road this morning. Much was expected to unfold but nothing much came out. Impact News witnessed only 5 congress MLAs attending the press meet including CLP Leader Okram Ibobi and AICC CWC member Gaikhangam. MPCC has time and again clarified that Govindas' resignation has nothing to do with CLP leadership and it is left to speculation as to what led the party's president who was at the forefront few days ago made his unprecedented announcement. Speaking to media, Bhakta Charan Das said, he will be in town for at least a week to take stock of the situation, to strategise policies for upcoming election and restore normalcy.  He said, the party hasn't decided who will be its new president and as soon as it is decided it will be made known. He wasted no opportunity to slam the BJP Government calling it unethical and power hungry even amid the tough times of Coronavirus pandemic. Bhakta Charan Das said, the BJP government is unconstitutional. It should be fighting the pandemic to save lives and not play petty politics to be in power. He said, the government with its present course of action doesn't deserve to be ruling for even a single day in the country. He has assured that the party will give timely updates on any new developments.

Meanwhile, as per a reliable Impact News source, 11 Congress MLAs are likely to leave to join a different party in unison and in case, they don't, they might form a whole new political party. Like they say, politics is politics you never know what's next!

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