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Education (S) Director, L. Nandakumar has called for a balanced approach to education, where students not only strive for academic success but also actively contribute to the betterment of society. Students should work for the welfare of people and at the same time focus on their career goals, he said.

The Education (S) Director was speaking at the Silver Jubillee Celebration of the Manipur Students' Federation (MSF) at MSF Office premises in Kwakeithel Thounaojam Leikai, Imphal, on Friday. MSF, a student body which came into existence on 13th October, 1998, evisions an equitable educational set up in and around the state of Manipur. It’s motto is Learn, Excel, and Transmit. Since its inception, MSF has been involved in various social issues ranging from drug-related, human rights and environmental-related issues and for bringing quality education in Manipur.

L. Nandakumar encouraged students to recognize the value of their education in shaping them into better and capable individuals for the future. He said, while every student aspires to excel academically, they can only achieve that goal by avoiding time wastage and dedicating themselves to their studies. The Education (S) Director also highlighted the negative impact of addiction to social media on students' academic and personal development.  Student volunteers donated blood to mark the occasion.

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