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In fresh violence, armed miscreants launched an attack on Sabungkhok Khunou in Imphal East District today. The attack involved bombs and gunfire. In response, state forces and village volunteers engaged in crossfire with the attackers. As per the latest updates, 3 village volunteers were injured. 

According to information gathered by Impact News reporter, armed miscreants positioned on a hilltop in the area reportedly opened fire towards Sabungkhok Khunou from 3AM.  The situation escalated with the use of bombs during the attacks. An additional police team, led by Imphal East Additional SP Herojit has reached the site to assess the situation.

Meira Paibi women in the village alleged that security forces didn't prevent armed miscreants from attacking their village frequently, despite giving them assurances to take control of the situation.

Reinforcements have been dispatched to Sabungkhok Khunou in the wake of threats of further attacks.

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