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DESAM demands regular Principals in 24 Government Colleges & 6 Aided Colleges and Rationalisation of both Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff to enhance Higher Education Sector in Manipur

Democratic Students' Alliance of Manipur, DESAM draws the State Government's attention towards two actionable activities that will increase the efficiency of collegiate education within a short period with high return. It urges the Government for prompt appointment of regular Principals in those Government colleges requiring the same and rationalisation of both teaching and non-teaching staff of Government Colleges to make way for the best, motivated, and capable faculties within a very short period. 

DESAM urges the Government to introduce some major activities in view of the National Education Policy, 2020 (NEP-2020) to bring quality higher education in Manipur with an aim to develop good, thoughtful, well-rounded, and creative people. It points out that only few subjects have high or proper teacher:student ratio, many government colleges have low or inappropriate teacher:student ratio, there is evidence of high variation of non-teaching staff from one college to another and that rationalisation is required for librarian and other staff in co-curricular activities. DESAM reminds about the leadership role of College Principals. The students' union says that only 15 government colleges have regular Principals appointed for a tenure of only 5 years and that some are Principal-in-Charge for more than 23 years without any fixed tenure.

In a video release today, DESAM Secretary General Leishangthem Lamyanba expresses concerns about the huge disparity in enrollment percentage of students in colleges across the State. He says that popular colleges face admission rush while less popular colleges have few students applying for admission. Lamyanba also mentions that owing to the pandemic many students have now opted to study in the state instead of colleges in other parts of the country and with high pass percentage of students in the recently declared class 12 exams, there will be many students seeking admission in the state. Lamyanba stresses on the need for rationalisation of both teaching and non-teaching staff of government colleges to reform Higher Education Sector in the state. He also urges the relevant authorities to appoint regular principals in 24 government colleges and 6 Government aided colleges in the State immediately.

The student leader recalls that DESAM had already submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister and the Education Minister about these issues, and they have given assurances to look into the matter.




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