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Ongoing land controversy has reportedly led to firing of guns between Andro villagers and Sandang Senba Maring villagers. Andro villagers have alleged that Senba Maring villagers crossed into their village and fired into their homes. Impact News sources said that the incident occurred at around 10AM on June 24 at Andro UU Nambol village area. In the incident, a woman who recently gave birth fainted and had to be given medical attention while  some villagers fled the area in dread. As soon as report of scuffle between the villages reached, a police team led by Imphal East District SP Roni Mayengbam, SDPO Porompat Suraj and Irilbung Police Station OC came to contain the situation and prevent further untoward incidents.

Speaking to Impact News, Loumeehal of Andro Pana Loishang, H. Anil alleged that around 30 Sandang Senba Maring villagers came and fired in Andro village when menfolk were out working in their paddy fields. Stating that Imphal East District Magistrate had already promulgated CrPC 144 in the area owing to land disputes between the two villages, H. Anil demanded befitting legal action against those who broke the law. He expressed worry and asked who would take the blame if there had been any death or serious injuries while adding that residents of Andro Village and Sandang Senba Maring Village should remain in peace. 

On the other hand, Sandang Senba Maring Village has totally denied responsibility for the firing incident. Chairman of Sandang Senba Maring Village, KT. Mothil instead blamed the Andro Villagers of causing them inconveniences on their way to paddy fields. He appealed to the government to settle the prevailing dispute without further delay. He opined that lack of proper intervention by the government has led to increased animosity between the villages. Stating that now is the cultivation season, he appealed to Andro Villagers not to hinder or cause any trouble to them. KT. Mothil appealed for help from the Government and Civil Society Organisations in settling the dispute.

It may be mentioned that residents of the two villages are in constant friction over a site called Chaphu Uppi, supposedly a sacred place for Andro villagers but which the Sandang Senba villagers used for burial claiming the site as their own few months back that had led to the land dispute.

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