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Joyshree Usham

Joyshree Usham

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MEELAL opposes renaming of "Meetei Mayek" to "Manipuri Mayek" as proposed by Chief Minister Nongthombam Biren during 31st Manipur Language Day observance

Meetei Erol Eyek Loinasillol Apunba Lup (MEELAL) opposes the renaming of "Meetei Mayek" as "Manipuri Mayek" as proposed by Chief Minister Nongthombam Biren during Manipur Language Day observance on August 20.

Speaking to media at MEELAL office today, MEELAL Secretary General (Incharge) Naorem Nongmailembi Leima said, English, which is an international language, is written in the Roman script and no one has tried to rename it to the "International Script". She maintained that even the Hindi language is written in the "Devnagri script'. Likewise, the ancient and indigenous "Meetei Mayek" should not be renamed.

Nongmailembi added that the state name of Manipur itself is not an authentic language and there are demands from different sections to change the state's name. She appealed to stop any efforts to rename "Meetei Mayek" to "Manipuri Mayek" or any other names.

Manipur observes 31st Manipuri Language Day; Chief Minister Nongthombam Biren thanks and praises all those involved in the movement for inclusion of Manipuri Language in the 8th Schedule of India

Manipur observed the 31st Manipuri Language Day today. Various assoications observed the day commemorating this day in history when the "Meiteilon", officially known as Manipuri Language was included in the 8th Schedule of India. Manipur Language Day State Level Celebration Committee in collaboration with the Department of Art & Culture, Government of Manipur and Directorate of Language Planning and Implementation, Manipur organised the state level observance at Chandrakirti Auditorium in Palace Compound, Imphal.

Addressing the State Level observance, Chief Minister Nongthombam Biren praised and thanked all those who were involved in the movement for inclusion of the Manipuri Language in the 8th Schedule of India. He stressed on the need to educate the younger and future generations of Manipur's history, nationalism, nation-building concept, the obstacles faced by the forefathers, etc. He appealed to all intellectuals, scholars and historians of the State to do the needed research and to publish their work based on truth and facts to safeguard, protect the indigenous land, identity and language. The Chief Minister also proposed a three-month course sponsored by the Planning Department for those willing to study the dialects and languages of the different communities of the State like Manipuri, Tangkhul, Khongsai, Thadou etc. Assuring that State Government will provide stipends to those who are willing to take the course, N. Biren added that Education Minister Thounaojam Basantakumar and Language Director have been instructed to do the needful. The chief Minster handed over Certificates of Appreciation to representatives of 17 different organisations who were part of the Celebration Committee on the occasion.

Wakhal Manaba Apunba, WAMA Kangleipak also observed the 31st Manipuri Language Day at Manipur Press Club. Speaking at the event, Rajya Sabha MP Leishemba Sanajaoba said he has already submitted a written request to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to include "Meitei Mayek" in recruitment examinations conducted by Union Public Service Commission, UPSC and other civil services recruitment examinations, as well as to open a Centre in Imphal for the conduction of UPSC Mains Examination. Titular King Leishemba Sanajaoba said he could not raise the matter in the recent Parliament Session as the Session ended abruptly due to uproars by the Opposition. He stressed the need to open a Language Ministry in the state to preserve and promote Manipuri Language. Leishemba Sanajaoba also said he will urge the government to provide scholarship to students learning Manipuri language whose mother tongues are not Manipuri. The Rajya Sabha MP even expressed his desire to urge the Union Aviation Minister to train flight attendants flying on Imphal Route to speak in Manipuri language apart from English and Hindi.

Meetei Eyek Erol Loinasillon Apunba Lup, MEELAL in association with Democratic Student Alliance of Manipur, DESAM observed the ‘Manipuri Language Day’ at a humble function held in front of the Kanglapat. Speaking at the event, DESAM President, Leishangthem Lamyanba Meetei espressed worry that inclusion of Manipuri Language in the 8th Schedule will remain useless without a Manipuri Language Policy. He said, DESAM and MEELAL have decided to submit another memorandum to the Government to establish Government run Manipuri Medium Elementary Schools, Higher Secondary Schools, District Institutes of Education and Colleges. While, Y.K.College Wangjing observed the day by holding a day-long National Seminar on "New Approaches to Manipuri Language, Literature, Folklore And Culture". Professors and research scholars of Assam, Manipur University and various colleges of Manipur presented papers on Manipuri language, literature, folklore and culture during the seminar. Patriotic Writers' Forum Manipur also observed Manipuri Language Day at Manipur Press Club and Manipuri Sahitya Parishad Jiribam observed the Day at Jiri Ima Meira Paibi Apunba Lup (JIMPAL) office in Jiibam's Babupara with the participation of eminent personalities.

Manipur has been observing language day for more than 30 years now. Many assurances have been made and measures have been discussed to preserve and promote the language. However, it is saddening that even after 30 years, there is neither a separate Language Ministry nor a Language Policy and the State Language Planning and Implementation Board is dying a natural death due to lack of dedicated and adequate staff, funds and infrastructure. Over and above, preserving the language should be everyone's responsibility. 

Tengnoupal Congress Committee Members not joining BJP, says TCC President  Thangminlen Mate

President of Tengnoupal Congress Committee today calrified that no congress members are joining the BJP. Speaking to media at his residence in Moreh today, Thangminlen Mate said news circulating about some members of TCC joining the BJP on August 20 is false news.  He asserted that no congress members are joining the BJP.

Thangminlen Mate said BJP team led by BJP Manipur Pradesh President A. Sarda may be holding a reception for new entrants in Moreh. However, those who may be joining the party are no more Congress members. He said those couple of people joining the BJP may be former members who have been already expelled or suspended from the Congress party.

The Tengnoupal Congress Committee President asserted that Congress members are standing steadfast with the congress party and they are not hopping to BJP or any other political parties whatsoever.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh opens Manipur Chapter 131st Edition of the Durand Cup 2022 at Khuman Lampak; Neroca FC defeats Trau FC 3-1

Union Minister Rajnath Singh opened the 131st Edition of the Durand Cup 2022-Manipur Chapter at the Khuman Lampak Sports Complex in a glittering ceremony witnessed by full packed crowd this evening. Manipur is co-hosting the tournament for the first time. The tournament is being held in multiple venues of Kolkata, Imphal and Guwahati. Manipur is hosting 10 group C matches of the Cup.

Two biggest football clubs of Manipur, Neroca FC and Tiddim Road Athletic Union (TRAU) FC locked horns in the first match of the cup played in Imphal. It was one of the most thrilling matches for the football fans of Manipur, especially for NEROCA FC fans as the football club defeated TRAU FC 3-1. This was not the first-ever Imphal derby. The first one took place in the I-League on January 8, 2020, when TRAU FC defeated NEROCA FC 2-1. It won't be an exaggeration to say that the Durand Cup, which is Asia's oldest football tournament and third oldest in the world came to life in this edition. The tournament is named after its founder Sir Henry Mortimer Durand, the foreign secretary of British-India  from 1884 to 1894.  Durand Cup, an annual domestic tournament was first held at Shimla in 1888.

Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh greeted the huge crowd that had gathered to witness the event by saying “Khurumjari”. He said it is a "historic day" as Durand cup was being played in Manipur. It shows a huge prestige for the North East and is a matter of huge pride for the region. The Union Defence Minister said there is a soldier in a player and a player in a soldier. I also believe, the spirit of sportsmanship should be present in politicians too. Rajnath Singh also tweeted, “Delighted to attend the Inaugural Ceremony of the Imphal Chapter of Durand Cup-2022 today. Durand Cup is one of the oldest football tournaments in the world. The Indian Army has done a commendable job by organising the matches in Manipur”.

Manipur Chief Minister Nongthombam Biren holds the Durand Cup dearly to his heart. An avid football fan, N.Biren played the 1981 Durand Cup Tournament as a young footballer. He was one of the star footballers from Manipur who helped BSF secure a famous win in the 1981 edition. Undoubtedly, it was reliving the memory lane moment for the Chief Minister. In his speech, N. Biren thanked the Indian Army and tournament authority for making it possible to hold Durand Cup matches in Manipur. It may be mentioned that N. Biren has recently announced an ambitious target of setting up 6 football grounds in 6 districts of the state before the next Durand Cup.

On the flip side, today’s opening event was a bitter-sweet moment as many football fans and enthusiasts were denied entry even though they had bought tickets, as the stadium was already full-packed. Heated arguments ensued between the disappointed fans and security personnel at the entry gates. Many parents with their wards were denied entry. Some tried their luck to get a glimpse of the event by climbing up the gate and some irate fans even broke the iron gates in disappointment. Does Manipur need a bigger stadium to hold more crowds in future? Another perplexing question is why tickets more than the seating capacity were sold out in the first place? Was there some miscalculation?

The heavy security measures in view of the Union Defence Minister’s visit were required, however, the traffic jam it caused and inconveniences that commuters had to face can’t be ignored. Luckily, today was not the last day and more league matches are in the pipeline. Hopefully, many crowds will turn up again and maybe, just maybe all those who were left out today will get a chance to watch the remaining matches.

CM N. Biren suggests stringent actions against any police personnel found involved in drug cases, including forced retirement for drug abusers and addicts.

Manipur joined the nation in observing Anti Terrorism Day 2022 at the banquet hall of the 1st Battalion Manipur Riffles today. National Anti Terrorism Day is observed every year on May 21st with a pledge to end terrorism in the country. It was on this day in 1991 that the former Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi, was assassinated in a suicide bomb attack during an election campaign of the Congress party at Sriperumbudur in Tamil Nadu. 14 other people also lost their lives in the incident.

Addressing the event, Chief Minister Nongthombam Biren suggested stringent actions against any police personnel found involved in drug cases, including force retirement for drug abusers and addicts. He opined that drug-abusing police personnel should be relieved from duty and let them recuperate first. N. Biren underlined to carry out proper medical test to identify drug users in the police force and treat them in rehabilitation Centre until they get back to normalcy so that they can resume duty again. Acknowledging the dedication of the state force and the risk they take, N. Biren also said that some of them tarnish the image of the entire police force with their wrongdoings and misconduct, highlighting the recent arrest of some personnel in drug-related cases. He maintained that those police personnel who are habitual drug users are polluting the sanctity of the Police force.

The Chief Minister also expressed concern over a rise in hate comments about religion, land ownership etc on social media and stressed that the same should be checked immediately. He urged the people of Manipur to strive to bring harmony and peace and appealed to abstain from any act that could create animosity among communities. N. Biren called upon everyone to make Manipur free from any act of terrorism.

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