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Angry locals attack Panthou accusing him to grab land of Meira Paibi Shang; locals boycott Panthou and bars devotees to enter the area

Imphal, 18 ( Evening) April 2016 : Angry locals of Wangkhei Hijam Leirak, Imphal East last night attacked the Panthou Eisei Konung accusing 45-year-old Panthou of encroaching the land where Meira Paibi Shang is constructed. Large number of locals stormed the Panthou Eisei Konung at around 8.30 last night and attacked vehicles parked near the Panthou's house. Three cars including properties were damaged in the attack. It is reported that Hijam Ratan popularly known as Panthou along with his disciples tried to put up a fence near the land where Hijam Leirak Meira Paibi Leisem Lup  Shang. Locals erupted in anger after Panthou’s disciples tried to occupy and remove the Meira Paibi Leisem Lup  Shang. The matter escalated after Panthou’s elder brother Hijam Sarat physically assaulted W. Narsingh and W. Purnimashi. A large number of locals than attacked the Panthou’s house damaging vehicles and properties. Speaking regarding the incident, Hijam Leirak Meira Paibi Leisem Lup, Secretary, Thongam Chitra said Panthou is challenging the locals by trying to grap the land of Meira Paibi Leisem Lup  Shang  is built. Meanwhile a public meeting was held this morning regarding the incident. The locals have decided to boycott Panthou unless and until he apologises to the locality. The locals have also decided to stop devotees of Panthou from entering the Panthou Eisei Konung until the matter is resolved.

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