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People of Nongshum Khull block roads from ‘Khamelok to Imphal’

Imphal, 4 April 2016 : The people of Nongshum Khull in Khundrakpam A/C today blocked the roads from ‘Khamelok to Imphal’ and ‘Hongmahn to Imphal’ protesting frequent threats by Kuki Liberation Army - KLA which is a signatory to Suspension of Operation with the govt. Villagers of Nongshum Khull consisting of young and old men are guarding the village at night along with their licence guns in fear that KLA cadres will attack the village. Villagers told media persons about the atrocities of the KLA cadres on the villagers. Villagers said they blocked the village roads after receiving information of KLA cadres arriving at Sinai Camp. The closure of the roads have affected people living in interior Kuki villages in Saikul A/C. Vehicles including two wheelers are not allowed to move on the blocked roads. JAC Against the Torture of Nongshum Village by KLA, KNO Convenor, Kongjengbam Ibungobi said they will impose economic blockade in case govt fails to resolve the issue with the Kuki village chiefs.

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