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MPCC delegates led by Former CM Okram Ibobi leave Imphal to meet Prime Minister

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Imphal, 25 June 2018 ( Evening News ) : MPCC delegates led by Former Chief Minister, Okram Ibobi left Imphal this morning  to meet Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and other relevant authorities at the Centre to address the grievances of the people of Manipur on various issues especially the Indo-Naga Framework Agreement, crises at Manipur University and the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016. Addressing media persons before their departure at Imphal International Airport, CLP Leader, Okram Ibobi stated that the delegates will meet Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and intimate on various sensitive Issues and especially to question the Prime Minister on the statement in connection with Framework Agreement made by Interlocutor, R.N Ravi with regards to formation of Autonomous Territorial Council on a National Daily, Indian Express. He also said, the Chairman of Joint Parliamentary Committee will be urged not to pass the Citizen Amendment Bill 2016 which is likely to be submitted by the end of this month, if it is going to harm the state. Regarding the Manipur University impasse, Ibobi mentioned that a report was earlier submitted by the Party's High Level Committee to the relevant authority at the Centre. He said, the MPCC Delegates will meet with the Union Human Resource Minister and urge to probe the prevailing issue in the University and try to resolve it as soon as possible to bring normalcy in the Academic Atmosphere. Okram Ibobi further mentioned that if there is no option left to resolve the issues, the MPCC Delegates will urge for appointment of a new Vice- Chancellor in Manipur University.

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