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Mathiurongliu Gangmei from Makhuam-3 village celebrated her 115th birthday today making her the oldest living person in the world

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Imphal, 10 May 2018 ( Evening News ) : Mathiurongliu Gangmei from Makhuam-3 village, Noney District celebrated her 115th birthday with her family and people in her locality.  Mathiurongliu Gangmei was born in the month of February, 1903. She witnessed the 1917 Thadou-Kuki Rebellion when she was just 14 years. She gave birth to 5 children from her first marriage to Langang Riamei in 1927. After Riamei’s passing, she remarried for the second time to Pouhoulung Gangmei and bore two more children. Altogether, Mathiurongliu Gangmei has 95 descendants at present. Her eldest daughter, Jakhaolu Riamei is 94 years old. She stated that her mother adopted the principle of eating simple food and living a peaceful life, free from violence.

A birthday cum blessings ceremony in honour of Mathiurongliu Gangmei, the oldest living person in the world was held at Mukhuam village today. Children and relatives of Gangmei who had resided in Assam, Nagaland and other parts of Manipur came to attend the event where she blessed them with a healthy and prosperous life. She is currently under the care of her unmarried daughter Majabamliu Gangmei.  It maybe mentioned that as per a report submitted by the Associated Press on April 11, 2018, Masazo Nonaka of Japan at 112 years is documented to be the oldest person in the world.


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