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Imphal, 31 July 2017 ( Evening News ) : Deputy Chief Minister kept in the house that 5 person died, 81 persons are hospitalised and 24 others are now in a critical state after consuming spurious liquor at Oinam Sawombung. Chief Minister appealed 60 MLAs at the house to unanimously take up a measure to ban the production and sell of liquor in Manipur. As a calling attention motion, opposition MLA K Meghachandra drew the attention of the house regarding the death and hospitalisation of many persons at Oinam Sawombung after the consumption of liquor. He said in spite of the presence of Manipur liquor Prohibition Act 1991, the production and sell of liquor cannot be checked. He also urged  to take up action against excise department and police personnel who cannot keep the sell of liquor in check. Replying to MLA Meghachandra, Chief Minister said the inability to keep the production and sell of liquor in check in the the state is not because of just 4 month old Government, it has been going on for many years, however, the government is keeping a close eyes into the matter and steps have been taken up. Chief Minister appealed the house members to come to a decision together whether to ban the production of liquor including change of Manipur liquor Prohibition Act 1991 which allows costumery production of liquor  or to let the costumery production continue by keeping a strict check at the gates of the villages which produce liquor. On the other hand, he also appealed the members to decide together to frame a policy to legalise the liquor and produce it with proper test and procedure

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