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About 200 trucks stranded outside FCI Godown at Sangaiprou

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Imphal, 03 July 2017 ( Evening News ) : About 200 trucks have been stranded outside FCI Godown at Sangaiprou. These trucks, carrying rice to be stocked at the FCI Godown have been stranded due to the space constraints at the godown to unload the rice. There are trucks that have been stranded for 20 to 25 days and there are others who have been stranded for over a month on the almost one kilometre long road. Drivers and helpers of these trucks are facing grievous inconveniences in fooding and other daily activities. The rice have not been unloaded since the state Govt has not withdrawn the old stock from godown. The unloading issue occurs on a regular basis. When the drivers approached the officials, they were informed that there are no spaces available due to old stock. Driver, Alimuddin was informed by the officials that the rice bags can be unloaded in the lines of the existing stack. He further said due to the trucks being stranded for a long time, not only do they face issues with fooding, but also have lost almost 50 percent of profits they would earn if they were driving. He appealed the Govt through Impact News to look into the matter at the earliest.

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